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GUN+BİR was established in 1982, after the retirement of Gün Birsel the other two partners Şükrü KOCAGÖZ and Ferdan OMAÇ has started giving their valuable experiments and overcoming GUN+BİR culture to the customers. Also Şükrü KOCAGÖZ is a still partner of a design studio in Ankara with architect Mürşit GUNDAY.

BİROK INC. functions and services are :

  1. Architectural design
  2. Consultancy and Project managment
  3. Constructing


Architectural Design:

Architectural design service is given as an package with  subcontracting  the engineering  design.

Consultancy and Project Manament:

This expertness is an uncommon service in Aegean area of Turkey and only a few companies are working on it. The projects are controlled and conscructed for the client which are designed by BİROK or other design companies ; starting from taking permisions  from the municipality to the end of the construction taking the useage permission.

The main purpose in the organization of Management and Consultancy is the planning of the project in the technically shortest possible time, its construction by the most correct techniques and in the most economical way, and the control of the activies aimed at this purpose.

All kinds of programs and descriptions related to the construction and running of the project shall be formed by us.

-  Forming estimated budget related to the investment necessary for the PROJECT is formed  by taking the approved program and descriptions into consideration.

-  Preparing the construction system alternatives on the investment cost basis comparatively. 

- Determining the domestic and imported materials which are probable to be used and various trademarks and types by getting price offers

- The coordination concerning the preparation and the evaluation of the necessary document such as all kinds of official information, document, title-deed examples, etc. for getting all permissions necessary to be taken during the execution of the project including the construction licences

- Preparing  work program of the project and the cash flow table by taking into account of Customer needs


  • Contract Details
  • All Drawings
  • Site Lists
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Technical Specifications
  • Estimated Cost
  • Evaluation of proposal with the customers


  • Time Schedule
  • Invsestment Cost Control
  • Site Coordination
  • Material Selection due to Specifications
  • Installation and Application Quality Control
  • Controlling Documentation
  • Quality Forms
  • Test checking
  • Site Reporting